Sunday, 4 December 2016


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Dear foreigners, this is not the best of times to get a Nigerian angry.

Our economy is currently in a recession, this had led to increase in the price of almost everything. The forex crisis is still ongoing and in a seriously unadvised move, the NCC had initially planned to increase the price of data. Thank God they shelved those plans. So you can see that Nigerians already have enough things to make them angry.
It appears American musician and reality TV star Nya Lee did not get the memo. Here’s what happened. She released a video showing her cursing and insulting Nigerians. Calling us tricky, smelling, dirty, amidst other bad words. No one knows why she went on this rant, but it looks like a bad encounter she had with one Nigerian got her angry.
CLICK to see video of her dissing Nigerians
But trust Nigerians na. We no dey carry last! Various people came for her. Instagram comedians Aphrican ape, Iamdulo, and IamKanmi are leading the charge
See their response below:

IamKanmi's response

AphricanApe's response

Iamdulo's response

Want to get in on the action? Just search for Nya Lee on Instagram.
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