Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Ahahahah!! I Don Die!! This Is One Wedding I Would Love To Attend: You Won’t Believe What A Groom Was Caught Doing In Church On His Wedding Day

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A man who was getting married to his wife during a wedding ceremony in church has gotten many people shocked with his demeanor.

A strange video making the rounds on the internet has gotten many people stunned and speechless.
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The video, both hilarious and weird shows a couple exchanging vows in a church.

The video is believed to have been shot in Kenya and the couple, Kenyans.

What got people really talking is the demeanor of the groom who was acting up all strange as he stood in front of his bride.

The viral video of the couple who reportedly got married over the weekend left social media confused on why the man had to do all he did.

In the hilarious footage, the pastor is seen commanding the man and his wife. Unlike his wife who remains calm, the man responds dramatically by showing off military-like movements and jumping up.

Social media users have called out the man who they say must have “smoked weed”.
lol......cant stop laughing
Watch the video below:
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