Saturday, 3 December 2016

Top 5 Dumbest Stage Names Ever

A stage name or better still an alias is a unique and easy to remember identity for an artiste.
One which the general public can be used to in a very short while after one has unlocked his potentials by unleashing a ground breaking material and/or doing something remarkable (be it good or bad).
While others make out stage names with something catchy and creative others choose to stick with their real names (like Korede Bello, Preye Odede, Frank Edwards etc.). Others who lack creativity jump into the music scene with an alias culled from another artiste’s alias (mostly from artistes they fancy, probably their source of inspiration and/or idol)
This article highlights a few artistic aliases which prolly were culled from the existing ones and doesn’t have any bit of creativity attached to it.

Just so i don’t sound rude i’ll reserve my comments and let you guys help me comment, analyse and rain

1. Big6ix – Yung6ix

Yung6ix is a Nigerian rapper from the south, going by the alias BIG6ix, if you ask me is a dumb move.
2.. M-john – M-Josh
M-Josh, known for nationwide recognized inputs like SPIRITUAL CONJI is an artiste from south/east. Chosing the alias M-John as an upcoming artiste is one of the dumbest move ever.

3. Lil win – Lil Wayne
We all know Lil Wayne, an internationally recognized rapper. If you’re not recognised in the inter-planetary level and you chose the alias LIL WIN, bro your choice is second to none when dumb choices are mentioned.

4. Lola Savage – Tiwa Savage
Africa to the world diva Tiwa savage is breaking into the international scene and at the moment she’s about the biggest female musicaian from Nigeria in recent times. If you go by the name Lola Savage then two things are involved

You’re Tiwa’s sister and Savage is your family/surname (This option is null anyway) OR
You’re dumb in choosing aliases (Best option)
5. Leroy – Cleroy

Cleroy Da Boss is a popular video director from the south with A-List videos to his credit. Anyone who decides to delete the C in CLEROY and retain the rest as in LEROY needs to be jailed for theft. Dumb move bro.

Disclaimer: This article is based solely on the opinion of the writer. If in a way or two shots fired get to you don’t take it personal. It is the writer exercising hi/her freedom of expression in black and white
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