Sunday, 4 December 2016

Is it ever right for a man to hit a woman?

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When any case of domestic violence makes the news,
we automatically put the blame on the man seeing that men have this macho thing going for them. In the minds of many, women don’t hit men; the reverse is usually the case. But this assumption is wrong.
Take a look at this video that made the rounds on social media showing a man being beaten by a woman in public.

After receiving many blows, the man calmly walks away from the scene. Judging from the reactions to the video, there are not many men out there who would respond like the man. See some reactions below:
Let’s take a good look at this situation. Domestic violence against men does happen a lot in society. According to Wikipedia, “Women who experience domestic violence are openly encouraged to report it to the authorities; it has been argued that men who experience such violence often encounter pressure against reporting, with those that do facing social stigma regarding their perceived lack of machismo and other denigrations of their masculinity.
Additionally, intimate partner violence (IPV) against men is generally less recognized by society than IPV against women, which can act as a further block to men reporting their situation.”
To any man who is being assaulted by a woman, we can only advise that you seek someone to talk to. We understand that reporting to the authorities may be out of the question, but this shouldn’t stop you from getting the required help from someone you trust. And for those who say they will retaliate if a woman as much as touches them, it’ll do you well to respond like the gentleman in the video above. Just walk away.
We still want to know your reactions to the topic. What is the best way to react after a woman hits you?
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