Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dozeill; Fast rising PH based artiste reveals how he was scammed on social media.

It’s no news that the rate of cyber crime is on the increase nowadays and a majority of the youths blame it on the current state of economic recession in the country.
Dozeill is a fast rising musician from Port Harcourt who doubles his hustle daily in an attempt to break boundaries.

It has been a while since the rumor that the talented artiste was scammed by a PH based media/Hypeman was on circulation around the web; behold today Dozeill has come out to make known, publicly who and how he was scammed following his recent social media tag on a post which reads:

“Person Go hustle finish.. another person go just wake up collect am for free…..while others are helping others to grow,some dey do otherwise #AwonOshi

Sup Friends/Phc Celebs/Online Bloggers …make Una Help me Beg # E-talian Chijioke Emenu …tell him to pay me my money,

he disconnected his mtn line,whatsapp page,but he’s on Facebook flexing….. please tell him, blocking and deletin me on facebook won’t help his Career oooooo ….


@Upcoming Acts,please be careful on who u work with… Some are Wolves

Person no dey Chop my money, go free

#He’s a Shame to The Media”

According to the screenshot attached, the Hypeman who goes by the name of E-talian Chijioke Emenu was paid some money to carry out media hype on Dozeill‘s music and until now the job hasn’t been delivered, the money on the other hand hasn’t been refunded. Furthermore, E-talian has taken to his heels by blocking Dozeill on Facebook and disconnecting his cell phone number.

As at the time of publication, words from the accused hasn’t gotten to our table and all efforts to reach his cell phone proved abortive. Stay tuned as we shall update you as things metamorphose.
This is a wake up call for all upcoming artistes out there. According to Dozeill “@Upcoming Acts,please be careful on who u work with… Some are Wolves”

A word is enough for the wise.

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