Sunday, 4 December 2016

4 Nigerian singers who have spent time in police custody

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One of the commonest things about Nigerian entertainers is the fact that they do not go to jail compared to their foreign counterparts

But this does not mean they do notat one point or the other have issues with law enforcement agencies. Quite a number of them have actually had to stay in the police custody for either behaving nasty, going against the law or maybe the police just wanna have them over for the night LOL.

We take a look at some of our favorite musicians that have landed in police custody and reasons why they.

1. Oritsefemi
This did not only earned Oritsefemi a night at the police custody, he also got beaten up by other bouncers in the club.
He is like the latest of them all in this category. He was recently 'served dinner' by the police after he stabbed a bouncer at Quilox, a popular club in Lagos. The singer was pissed when another musician, Rock Steady, was prevented from getting to a particular section of the club. Oritsefemi was already seated and having fun, when he sighted the scene and got up to intervene. He however slapped the bouncer and stabbed him. Well, this did not only earned him a night at the police custody, he also got beaten up by other bouncers in the club. The singer has since apologized for his behavior and has been set free.

2. Skales
Skales alongside his manager, Osagie, were was put into the hands of the police by his music label Baseline Music. According to the record label, they were arrested for financial crime and mismanagement of the music company. The duo were said to be making monies but not documenting them. The rapper was eventually freed but his manager spent longer time with the NPF.

3. Vector
Rapper Vector has also 'dined' with the Nigerian Police before. He was handed over to the Nigeria police by his former label YSG for breaching contractual terms. Vector surrendered the car and apartment provided for him by the label during the dispute. He revealed he was arrested twice over the matter. The second time he was in custody from 3pm to 10pm.

4. Wizkid
In 2014, top Nigerian singer Wizkid was arrested in Kenya at his hotel - Nairobi Crown Plaza hotel after things took a different turn when he was confronted by the hotel’s staff. He was quizzed for smoking illegal substance in their country.

Wizkid allegedly got into a heated argument with a hotel front officer after he was told not to smoke the banned substance in their hotel. The singer was later handed to the police and was released with singer Victoria Kimani as surety.

Remember any singer we did not add to the list? Drop their names in the comment box!!!
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