Sunday, 4 December 2016

3 Bedtime Habits That Can Make You Look Pregnant

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You may be doing 200 sit ups,
eating less carbs, and drinking 8 glasses of water daily, but if you don’t drop these habits, you’ll never get that flat belly;
1. Going to Bed Hungry- You think fasting at night is the way to lose that big belly? Don’t be deceived abeg. You’ll only wake up hungrier and over eat in the morning!

Eating In Front of the TV - While you are engrossed in Telemundo and Africa Magic, you’lleat two ‘small’ plates of rice and not even notice. Focus on your dinner to prevent over eating!
Waking Up Too Late– Just because of TGIF, you wake up at 11am. This disrupts your body’s natural routine and your metabolism will only kick in long after you’ve already digested food!
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