Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Woman reveals how she and her husband jetted off to Egypt for a holiday of a lifetime only to be replaced by 19 years lover she met by pool

Lindsey Cartwright and her ex-husband Gareth Owen jetted off to Egypt for what was supposed to be a very good holiday but Lindsey has now come out to reveal how Gareth, 38, came home with more than just a holiday souvenir – he came with his 19 year old girlfriend and that was how their marriage of two years crashed.. Travel agent
Lindsey, from Sheffield, said to Sun UK:    “We were so excited before we set off for the five-star resort in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in October 2012. “We couldn’t wait to spend time together. “The day after we arrived we made friends with Sophie Cartledge, then 19, and her male friend. I thought she seemed lovely.” Lindsey says: “We would mess around by the pool together and enjoy meals in the evening. “But towards the end of our holiday I discovered Gareth had been texting and phoning Sophie since the second day of the holiday – I was devastated. “We had a blazing row and Gareth tried to claim they were just friends – but my holiday was ruined.” Lindsey confronted Sophie at the airport as she was about to join them to travel back home, but she insisted that nothing had been going on. She says: “Sophie denied it all, too, but our flight home, with her on it, was mortifying. “Back home, Gareth agreed to delete Sophie’s number. “But we had barely unpacked when Gareth told me our marriage was over. “He still denied it was because of Sophie, but I don’t believe that for one minute. “As far as I am concerned Sophie, who he is still with, is welcome to him.” Lindsey got back home and after a few weeks broke up with Gareth, Gareth and Sophie now have a child together but when Gareth announced his relationship with Sophie on Facebook, he dated it from October 28 – while he was still living with Lindsey. Sophie, who is now 23 and Gareth 41, said: “Yes, we did meet on holiday but we were just friends. “We didn’t build a relationship until after Gareth had left his wife. “Gareth and I are getting on with our lives. I have our baby daughter to think about.” Source: Sun UK
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