Tuesday, 13 September 2016

no bad blood between b-red and davido

Davido's cousin and HKN label mate, B-Red (real name: Bayo Adeleke) has been in the music industry for as long as we can all remember. In fact, the singer has been an everpresent feature during Davido’s rise to fame and most of us will recognise him from pictures.
This week the singer spoke to one of Nigeria’s biggest publications, Punch, to set the record straight about his career. This comes amidst criticism that he has fallen into “Davido’s shadow” and not done enough to propel his own career to great heights. Red spoke to Punch and responded by saying:
“In every group, you have a leader and I do not care about being number one as long as I am doing good, getting money and doing shows. Davido is number one and we follow but you never know, probably I’ll be as big as he is. If your cousin is a star, won’t you want to be a star too? I built my brand by hyping my cousin for four years and look at where I am now.”
To be fair, B-Red managed to collaborate with US singer, Akon earlier this year, so it’s not as if his career is in the doldrums. He further added:
“There was a time I didn’t have a car or a Rolex, but look at me now. Every year, I grow and I will get bigger, so I am not in a rush. I am okay and content”.
Good for you B-Red. Now can you speak to your cousin and tell him to drop that damn EP?
    credits:real gist passion

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