Wednesday, 14 September 2016

burna boy and nissi (his sister) both release new music this week

There are certain families that are gifted to the core. Burna boy's family is one of such.Two of the Ogulu siblings are prooving t
hemselves to be extremely talented artists which we saw again when both Burna boy and his sister Nissi were involved in two big single releases just this week.
 Burna boy kicked things off by featuring on Wonleto's track ,"P.R.E" which has already showed off in Nigeria and you are sure its gonna be among the catchiest   tunes this year. Wolento,who is signed to Twisted Mind Records,dropped some fire vocals while Burna boy dropped by with his trademark dancehall rfts.
However, his sister Nissi decided to go one further this week and release a single titled"Criminal"She worked on it with producer Cornel Sorian(someone she's worked with before and the duo gave a funky jazz inspiring tune .She spoke about her inspiration from the track and she said it came from"having conversations with my friends"about, even though they were in relationships, they have met other people they just had to talk to.This song captures that feeling of wanting something or someone that will make you commit a little crime. Just to get your way!!! twitter@gist_passion
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