Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Cool—Cash Ponzi scheme Unveils ....Reliable like no Other!!!? Join Now and be financially free....

This Post First Appeared On Real Gist Passion Blog...............Cool-cat is a digital marketing program in which
we teach users how to market products while giving them a chance to become financially free..
We offer some amazing which are (Naira Equivalent)
#10,000 package= 20,000 return profit
#20,000 package=40,000 return profit and many more offers

#30,000 package= 60,000 return profit
#40,000 package= 80,000return profit
#50,000package=100,000 return profit
Still working on the 50,000 package to 100,000 return profit.
Are you tired of platforms that open for 24hours and crash with your money? Try Cool-Cash
How to register
Click on link below
https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/1081719758623493?refid=46&sld=eyJzZWFyY2hfc2lkIjoiNWViMzFmZDY3Y2I1NWIyZDI4OTcwZTliYzBmZGQ5YzgiLCJxdWVyeSI6ImNvb2wtY2FzaCIsInNlYXJjaF90eXBlIjoiU2VhcmNoIiwic2VxdWVuY2VfaWQiOjIwMjg3MDAwNjQsInBhZ2VfbnVtYmVyIjoxLCJmaWx0ZXJfdHlwZSI6IlNlYXJjaCIsImVudF9pZCI6MTA4MTcxOTc1ODYyMzQ5MywicG9zaXRpb24iOjQsInJlc3VsdF90eXBlIjo2OX0%3DSend the following details as an attachment to coolcashsignup@gmail.com
Full name
Phone number
Referred by______
Purpose of running this program
Bank account details
Remember your bank account name and registration name mustbe the same and you can only be referred by an active member.
On sending these details, your account would be evaluated and if you meet the Criteria, you will be sent a success mail and Sms as well as your Cool-Cash membership number.click here to signup....... https://mobile.facebook.com/groups/1081719758623493?refid=46&sld=eyJzZWFyY2hfc2lkIjoiNWViMzFmZDY3Y2I1NWIyZDI4OTcwZTliYzBmZGQ5YzgiLCJxdWVyeSI6ImNvb2wtY2FzaCIsInNlYXJjaF90eXBlIjoiU2VhcmNoIiwic2VxdWVuY2VfaWQiOjIwMjg3MDAwNjQsInBhZ2VfbnVtYmVyIjoxLCJmaWx0ZXJfdHlwZSI6IlNlYXJjaCIsImVudF9pZCI6MTA4MTcxOTc1ODYyMzQ5MywicG9zaXRpb24iOjQsInJlc3VsdF90eXBlIjo2OX0%3D
FOR More info email:coolcashsignup@gmail.com
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